The Retro Game Review - December 2012

This month the Retro Game Review looks at the sad closure of Eurocom, the launch of the Epic Arcade Projects, a trio of fan translations, all of December’s notable re-releases and ports, some new homebrew titles, and the 25th birthday of a blue robot man…I forget his name.

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The relevant links for this episode:

More information on the Epic Arcade Project:

Where you can but the Neo Geo X handheld:

Where you can buy the Neo SNK Arcade MVS Magic Key:

Streets of Rage 4 footage:

Donkey Kong Country 3 OverClocked ReMix Album:

Fan translation of Momotarou Densetsu (Aka The Legend of Peach Boy):

Fan translation of Arabian Nights: Desert Spirit King:

Fan translation of Choro Q 2:

Where you can buy Bound high for Virtual Boy:

Ridiculous Reality for Atari XL and XE:

Cheril the Goddess for the ZX Spectrum:

Link to download Megaman’s 25th Anniversary Crossover title Street Fighter X Mega Man:

Demo for fan made Mega Man 25th Anniversary title

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